Sustainable Living

An increasing number of people are building and remodeling homes homes in ways that mitigate environmental impact through innovations in construction materials and in technology that uses renewable resources.  Such forward-thinkers seek to reduce waste, conserve natural resources, and reduce emissions that contribute to global warming and climate change.


This page contains an ever-expanding collection of internet resources related to sustainable living.  If you would like to add relevant information, email or call (760)366-7795.  We'd love to hear from you.


Ecologically Conscious Desert Living


The Sanctuary:  Jim and Dana Melton have plans in the works to develop a completely unique, visionary subdivision in Rimrock consisting of formed-earth houses that will be integrated with the environment and built to conserve resources through the use of such technologies as Dharma Living Systems.  The homes will be extremely low density--around 30 acres per home.  More information is available on their blog:, and in this article:  click here to read.


The Vault:  This notorious straw bale home is in Joshua Tree.




Green Home Concepts and Design


Mobile Designs:  Jennifer Siegal, a Los Angeles architect, designs and builds movable structures made from earth-friendly and recycled materials.  Her website is here.


Formed Earth / Sheltered Earth:

Davis, Our Cool House,



Skillful Means:  "an architecture and construction firm committed to making buildings that are healthy for the people who use them, for the larger community, and the environment".


CalEarth: Environmentally oriented arts and architecture.  Very cool structures can be seen, and more info can found here.


Straw Bale Homes:

California Straw Building Association, The Last Straw, Sustainable Building Systems, Straw Bale Building Registry


Low-Impact Housing:  Yurts and Tipis, Prefabs



Green Building Materials


Structural Materials:  Adobe and rammed earth, Hemp, Straw Bale, Papercrete

Insulation:  Isolina (flax fiber-based insulation), cellulose (made from recycled newspaper), recycled blue jeans

Surfaces:  Earth-friendly primers, sealers, paints, and strippers; earth plasters; plyboo (bamboo flooring); mud floors;



Green Technology


Solar Energy:  Solar Living Institute, Solar Electric Light Fund, passive solar designs, Alternative Energy Store, California Solar Center;


Wind Power:  American Wind Energy Association, California Energy Commission, Future of Wind Power;


Water Conservation:  Dharma Living Systems,, Clivus Greywater Irrigation;


Composting:  Master Composters (We built composting bins from discarded pallets.  Master Composters has the plans.)



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